Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing bankruptcy can be a daunting process in your life

Especially if you do not have a bankruptcy attorney in your corner.

Some of the questions you have will require a lawyers help, and some of the other more simple questions like, “what is bankruptcy” can be answered on your own without the help of an attorney. However, the majority of your questions actually have complex answers which a Salt Lake bankruptcy attorney can really help you quickly sort out to avoid all of the different consequences such as bankruptcy court, etc.

Obtaining Salt Lake legal counsel concerning filing bankruptcy is an absolutely crucial step if you are going to be able to navigate your way through either: chapter 7 bankruptcy, dealing with a bankruptcy chapter 11, or even a bankruptcy chapter 13.

Bankruptcy Attorney’s in Salt Lake City

A bankruptcy attorney colleague from Ogden, Utah was willing to share with me some quick definitions on what the difference is between the three major bankruptcy chapters you can file (so long as you qualify under each guidelines). Unfortunately, this article is a brief introduction to securing legal aid for Salt Lake City bankruptcy issues and not helping you to actually resolve which chapter of bankruptcy filing is best for you. Having said that, here is an extremely brief description of all three chapters:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:
This is a fairly simple process where an appointed trustee sells any and all qualifying assets and then is in charge of distributing the newly acquired funds to all of the different creditors owed.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:
This is for business partners, corporate agencies or people in general without very many limitations on the size of debt allowed to be resolved or restructured (unlike the restrictions that are associated with chapter 13).

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:
This type of bankruptcy filing is also commonly known as a “wage earner’s plan” which means that people with a stable job and income are able to negotiate a plan to repay all or some of their owed debts though monthly payments over the course of a few agreed upon years.

Most any Salt Lake bankruptcy attorney is extremely busy with multiple clientele and therefore is not able to sit down and discuss matters with you unless you are serious about hiring the best bankruptcy attorney Salt Lake City has to offer. Not to say that you can not find any number of lawyers that are willing to sit down and discuss matters with you as a free consultation or on a Pro bono basis. Basically, you have to consider the situation at hand. You are up to your head in debt and do not have the means to pay for it. A bankruptcy lawyer in Salt Lake is going to help represent you with your creditors and is only going to be able to get paid through you. There is no law suit in most cases that the bankruptcy attorney can draw from. So in summary, it will be a challenge to find Salt Lake legal support completely for free or really cheap.

There is nothing shameful if you are in financial trouble and therefore in need of bankruptcy assistance. Many others have filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 11 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy before you and many more are yet to file. You are not a reject or a failure! Thomas Edison learned approximately 2,000 times how not to make a light bulb until he invented it right. This too shall pass as you will shortly learn that this bankruptcy experience is just a roadblock in your life as well as a lesson on how not to do certain things. You can have your life back! Just think; no more obnoxious phone calls from collectors, or constant sleepless nights trying to figure out how you are going to pay your bills and take care of your family or self at the same time.

One of the main causes for divorce seems to revolve around finances. So naturally, if you are able to resolve your financial matters, you are able to save your marriage. There really are so many benefits from finally throwing in the towel and accepting defeat and realizing that although you may have to humble yourself and start over; you can still build yourself a future.

Not all is lost. Now is the time to pick yourself back up and do whatever is necessary to start over with a fresh mindset and to have a clean slate.

I am not sure if everyone is familiar with radio personality and talk show host, Dave Ramsey or not? He is a financial Christian guru that is worth millions of dollars now. He tours the United States selling and sharing his program. He also does a weekly talk show on FM radio on a national syndicate basis and speaks with callers from all around the U.S. as well. Sometimes you will hear individuals give a “debt free” scream and other times you will hear them cry and explain their financial nightmares.

He prefers to refer his callers to basic and simple concepts that are gospel based. He will say things like, “the only way to financial peace, is through the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus”! He is also known to say, “better than I deserve” when people ask him how he is doing. Long story short, he truly cares about helping others out of their monetary issues and to live a debt free lifestyle. If you listen long enough, you will hear many bankruptcy stories past and present.

What many do not know about Dave Ramsey is that he too was forced to his last resort by filing for bankruptcy himself!

He is not too ashamed about it either as he knows he made some foolish financial decisions and that is why he wants to help others not make the same mistakes. Because his integrity is most important to him, he further shares that he went back to all of his creditors and paid them back what he owed even though it was settled years before during bankruptcy court.

Now do not get me wrong, this is not meant to be a lesson on ethics, this is merely meant to help build up your faith and to give you hope once again that you can recover from bankruptcy and with enough hard work and determination you too can still be the next millionaire!

Are you being forced into filing bankruptcy and are therefore in need of a good bankruptcy attorney? If this is the case know that it is not the end of the world. Salt Lake City Lawyers will help you through every step of the process including but not limited to: bankruptcy court; filing bankruptcy papers; helping you grasp the finer details of exactly what is bankruptcy (chapter 7 bankruptcy, as well as knowing the different consequences between filing a bankruptcy chapter 11 as compared to a bankruptcy chapter 13), and any other questions you might have for our professional Salt Lake bankruptcy attorney.

Salt Lake City Lawyers is able to help you even if you do not live directly in the heart of where all the Salt Lake legal hustle and bustle is (Ogden Utah, etc.). Our primary focus is to help you with all of your personal financial issues in a dignified and respectable manner. We have helped many in your same situation find the breathing room they desperately need. Filing bankruptcy can make you feel like you are a failure in life to yourself and your family. However, if you think back to your life prior to having to settle your debt in bankruptcy court, you most likely felt like you were constantly drowning struggling to keep your head above water.

Let our Salt Lake Legal team provide you with the best and most experienced bankruptcy attorney Salt Lake City has to offer. We are confident we can give you the financial peace and freedom you have been longing for. Just think, no more collector/credit agencies breathing down your neck while you are trying to constantly avoid them or make up stories. Our no obligation consultation will add to your peace of mind in finally getting the priceless (no pun intended) information you need to make sense of everything.

Having the best Salt Lake bankruptcy attorney in your back pocket can really make a difference with your entire chapter 7 bankruptcy (or whatever other chapter you are filing) experience. Do not get the cheapest bankruptcy attorney you found in the yellow pages. Finding a knowledgeable chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is a crucial part of your success. Do not settle for just any bankruptcy attorney as you need to treat the hiring process like you would buying a new car for the family. You have to take it out on a test drive before you commit. You do not want to live in regret with even more financial trouble owing creditors and now horrible legal aid on top of that. Do not delay calling Salt Lake City Lawyers any longer. We can help!